Travels In Mexico

   Our long-anticipated journey began in the middle of the night. We leave our house in Southwest Virginia to travel to the airport in Greensboro NC. Our flight had an early morning departure time which required check in two hours before takeoff. Luggage had been checked and double-checked, including a suitcase filled-to-overflowing with feathers. But that's another story. A change of planes in Atlanta carried us out over the Gulf of Mexico, straight to Cancun. Getting the green light through customs, we found ourselves in another world. Javier was nowhere to be seen. A quick phone call and he would be arriving in 10 minutes. Javier and I rode with the luggage in the back of a pick up truck, Patsy with Monica in the cab.

   The trip from the airport south of Cancun to Javier's house north of Cancun near Porta Juarez (our home for the next two weeks) seemed to take only moments. We talked of what we would do, what we would see. My head was on a carrousel, surroundings almost out of focus, trying to see everything. This was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I did not want to miss one thing.

   Putting our bags away, we talked for a while and Javier suggested we rest and be refreshed to go out and see Cancun that evening.

   At the end of my first nap in Mexico, begins a beautiful memory.

   Upon waking up, I hear the joyful laughter of a child mingled with squawks from an unknown bird. I slowly open my eyes, turning to see Javier's daughter chasing their pet Parrot, Lindo. They crossed through the room and under the table, laughing and squawking with delight. And I saw this playtime as a child observing life, as it happens moment to moment without thought of yesterday or tomorrow; going to work or meeting a schedule. Nothing but that moment in time. I was fully there.

   We were in another world. One where everything is different and yet so familiar. Every corner and door brought new and before unseen wonders, some seemingly as simple as people going about their daily lives and jobs. What a joy if everyone had the opportunity, at least once in their lives, to view and experience a culture foreign to their own.

   Patsy and I had anticipated this journey to Mexico for some time. Thanks to the urging of a very good friend, Javier Alarcon, we truly had the opportunity to see and experience life in Mexico as few others do, living in a self-contained community north of Cancun. We even had a close brush with Hurricane Keith which found Patsy, Monica and myself in a huge shopping complex, loading our basket and standing in line with thousands of Mexicans who were also filling their carts. Outside, all hands filled with plastic bags, (essentials in preparation for the approaching hurricane) the rain began as we waited for a bus. It was a short bus ride but one of torrential rain seeping through every crack and crevice. We then wadded nearly three blocks in knee-deep water to our house. Arriving at the door, we were greeted by Moni, 7, and Javi, 5, who began rolling in the floor with laughter at the sight of the drowned guests with mom standing at the door in puddles of water. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else on the planet at that moment...

   We offer, for your perusal, a taste of what we saw and experienced. Enjoy!

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