Travels in Mexico


   Home (below right) was on a street which became almost too familiar. Everywhere we journeyed, exploring a new and unknown world, was like being a child again, everything different and every day new. We did not wish to become too familiar anywhere, as we were just passing through, attempting to live every possible moment to the fullest.

Photo by Patsy McKee

   A restaurant (left) in Playa del Carmen, warmly invited passersby to leisurely savor the afternoon. And it is only one block from the beautiful blue Caribbean.

   While awaiting the arrival of hurricane Keith, Javier and I (right) were busy preparing the house for the oncoming downpours and extreme winds. At least Javier was working...

Photo by Patsy McKee

   Waiting for the ferry which crosses to Cozumel, from the pier at Playa del Carmen, right.
Ferry at Playa del Carmen
Photo by Patsy McKee
   What a wonderful place on this earth to sit and observe the world around us after a day wandering the streets and beaches of Playa del Carmen.

   Dreaming...Evening meal under the canopy of the abandoned house on the reef on the northeast tip of Isla Mujeres. A little work and paradise would know no bounds.
Cabana on the Sea
Photo by Bill McKee

Women of Chiapas
Photo by Patsy McKee

   One of the best surprises during our day on the north beach of Isla Mujeres was the arrival of two ladies from Chiappias, carrying many handmade items from their region. Apparently it is against the law for them to sell items on the beach - the tourist might get offended!

   However, for us, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and share a slice of life with human beings from another culture; descendants of a grand civilization. The Aztecs. The Maya. A much-maligned civilization who understood the earth and the cosmos in infinite detail. A civilization which developed the most accurate calendar to this day. Even beyond the capabilities of what a computer has been able to execute.

Wood carved man
Photo by Patsy McKee
   The entrance, left, to fast food in Playa del Carmen greeted us with a warm friendly wood carving rich with ancient beauty and polished by uncounted hands.


   Patsy pays homage, right, to the icon of "Patsy's Embassy," so named by Javier on our first full day in Mexico.

   The story. The temperature hovering around 100, Javier takes us on a bus tour of Cancun and the hotel zone so we can learn our way around, and Patsy is about to expire from the heat. We round a corner in one of the shopping districts in the zone and Patsy spots an AIR CONDITIONED McDonalds. First relief from the heat she has found. Javier calls it Patsy's Embassy and Ronald, Patsy's ambassador.

Photo by Bill McKee

   Looking out the left window as we departed Cancun, Patsy captured this beautiful surreal view looking north. The city of Cancun lies to the left in this image and the popular hotel zone is in the center, as a thin quarter moon stretch of land with a white beach on the green-to-blue Caribbean. Isla Mujeres would lie in the haze, above center toward the seeming curvature of the earth.

Aeral view of Hotel Zone
Photo by Patsy McKee

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